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Corporate Team Building

Rowing is the ultimate team sport.  

Unlike basketball, football, baseball or many of the other team sports where only one individual may have the ball waiting for other to act before acting themselves, rowing requires participants from the first stroke to “row as one. ” The rowers must work together toward the team’s goals. A boat where each rower is rowing on his or her own…out of sequence with the others, does not move well or fast. Working together and working as one toward a common goal is also the key to successful corporate groups.  

As a corporate rowing client, your team will learn how to work together in a very unique way, both on and off the water. Our corporate rowing program illustrates the importance of team work and builds confidence, camaraderie, and morale. Additionally, it can be a great addition (or start) to your workplace wellness program.  

Baltimore Community Rowing will customize a corporate rowing program to fit your needs and could include a half day, day long, two day, or possibly a weeklong event. For more information and to discuss potential options for developing a corporate rowing event tailored to meet your team building needs, contact Fran Appler at

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