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Purchasing & Reimbursement

Adopted by the Executive Committee 01/20/20

Before making any purchases on behalf of Baltimore Community Rowing, please review the policies below.


Members, staff, and volunteers are not authorized to make purchases on behalf of the organization without written approval from the Executive Director.  All purchases below $3,000 can be authorized by the Executive Director.  Any purchase of $3,000 or more requires approval from the Executive Committee.  Purchases include all goods and services required for performing Baltimore Community Rowing business.  In cases of emergency or situations where prior approval from the Executive Director cannot be attained, the Executive Director may approve expenses for reimbursement after purchase if the purchase is deemed necessary for BCR business and prior approval was not feasible.  All approved purchases made by members, staff, and volunteers will be reimbursed following the reimbursement policy.  BCR will issue credit cards to the Executive Director, Director of Youth Rowing, and Boathouse Manager, but individuals with issued credit cards must still follow the Purchasing Policy in full.


Members, staff, and volunteers will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses approved in advance by the Executive Director and incurred in the course of performing Baltimore Community Rowing business.  Requests for reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses must be substantiated with receipts and should be submitted with the completed BCR Expense Reimbursement Form to the Executive Director within 30 days after such expenses have been incurred.  Expenses might include such items as travel, parking, tolls, fuel, and registration fees.  Entertainment and meals necessary in furthering BCR’s business goals may be incurred by the Executive Director and Director of Youth Rowing.

BCR Reimbursement Form

Join the Team! Visit us at:

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For all boathouse rental inquiries please contact Baltimore City Recreation & Parks. BCR does not have ownership of the event facilities.